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Super Food Soap

Our skin is the largest organ in our body, we tend to forget that as it acts as an external layer so we don't look at it the same way we do our internal organs. But it is, and its health and condition contributes to our overall well being. Its our first line of defense against the environment, and constantly in contact with foreign elements. In addition it acts as a gateway, secreting sweat to control body temperature, and absorbing substances it gets in contact with.

The saying goes "we are what we eat" and that’s very true, what we ingest contributes directly to our health and wellbeing. However, cleansing our body starts from the outside in. While we pay attention to what we eat, and even select certain food to 'detox' internally. We can't forget our first line of defense. Our skin is constantly exposed to contaminants, dirt, bacteria and sun damage is only the start. Skin is also exposed to various chemical ingredients that it absorbs. Worst of all some of these harmful substances can be found in personal care products that are supposed to be cleansing our body!

Nature provides us with all we need to nourish our body, and just as our body benefits from food we ingest some of these benefits can be gained topically for our skin. The antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fatty acids in various foods have tremendous benefits to our skin. The Four Flowers picked five in our Super Foods Soap collection; coffee,  avocado, strawberry, carrots and banana. These wonders of nature come with a host of benefits that include


  • Helps reduce cellulite by dilating blood vessels and  stimulating blood flow
  • Helps reduce fine lines and redness, which is great for anti-aging 
  • Helps reduce risk of skin cancer due to its richness in Vitamin B3
  • Helps reduce hyperpigmentation, coffee contains chlorogenic acids and melanoidins that are anti-inflamatory
  • Chlorogenic acid is also anti-bacterial so can act as an acne treatment 


  • Helps prevent inflammation and skin damage from the sun, like wrinkles and other signs of aging
  • Its anti-microbial properties minimize skins breakouts
  •  Increase the production of collagen and remove old skin cells
  • Helps increase skin elasticity


  • Helps combat the signs of aging
  • Hydrates and improve skin elasticity
  • Protects skin cells from oxidative stress and inflammation
  • Helps reduce inflammations related to acne 


  • Reduce damage from free radicals and inflammation      
  • Helps with cell regeneration
  • Moisturizes and balances skins oil


  • Antioxidants that fight skin damage and wrinkles
  • Helps reduce acne scars
  • Relives itchiness and helps with psoriasis
  • Anti-inflammatory 

Keep an eye out on our Blog over the next few weeks as we pick each one separately and delve deeper into the how and why. Looking at the science and practical applications. In the mean time you can browse our Super Food Soaps that are available as a box set or individual bars.


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