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A Natural Hair Routine

Switching to natural hair products is a no brainer, not only is it better for your hair it's also good for the environment. If you are considering it but not sure how to go about it, don't stress we got you covered.

Cosmetic hair products might show fast results on initial use, but over time they not only stop working but cause serious damage to hair. This is due to the ingredients used; they strip the hair of natural oil and seal the hair cuticles, leading to dull lifeless hair. They typically contain sulphates and drying alcohol (can cause irritation to the scalp and dryness), silicones (they seal cuticles preventing moisture and dehydrate the hair) parabens and phthalates (they mimic hormones and can disrupt the endocrine system when absorbed through the scalp) and to cover the smell of all these chemicals other chemicals are added! These in turn are inhaled and can cause headaches to some people. Unfortunately the damage doesn’t stop there, these chemicals wash down the drain and find their way to the environment at large, and you're left with plastic bottles to dispose of…

Natural products on the other hand are not only gentle on the hair but they nourish it too, and your hair needs that since it is organic matter. Over time not only will you notice the difference, but you will sustain that improvement as they do no damage to the hair. They will not dry or irritate your scalp, on the contrary they will sooth and nourish it.  Natural ingredients help strengthen and maintain healthy follicles, leading to thicker, fuller hair and reduces hair loss. They are typically scented with essential oils that add their own benefits, or smell like the natural material they are made from. When you are done taking care of your hair naturally, you can rest assured that you're not sending synthetic chemicals down the drain and into the environment. You also don't have to worry about plastic packaging, most natural producers use eco-friendly or recyclable packaging. 

So ditch those cosmetic detergents and give this natural routine a try.

                Natural Hair Routine 

To Wash:

you need ingredients that moisturize the scalp to stimulate hair growth, butters that enhance color and shine, and antiseptics to maintain healthy skin. The Four Flowers makes 3 hair bars: A.C.V for dry hair, Aloe Vera for normal hair, Ghasoul for oily hair.

Directions: rub your bar over wet hair to lather, massage from the scalp to all over your hair then rinse

        ACV Natural Hair Bar

To Condition:

we recommend apple cider vinegar, it is so simple to make at home we can't bring ourselves to charge money for it!

To make: 1 part apple cider vinegar to 5 parts water in a spray bottle

Directions: spray all over your scalp and hair, leave for a bit until you finish your shower, brush your hair and rinse

       ACV Natural Hair Conditioner  

To Style:

another simple home made solution, falx seed home made gel.

To make: boil 1 tablespoon of flax seed in 1 cup of water for 10 minutes on medium heat. Strain and store in the fridge. Good for 1 week, use as you go.

Directions: apply as a styler

        Flaxseed Natural Hair Styler

To Purify:

every once in a while your hair needs a little help getting rid of any build up. The Four Flowers Moroccan Clay is a perfect solution.     

Directions: 1 part clay to 2 parts hot water (or hot chamomile, rose water, green tea etc be creative!) mix until it becomes a thick smooth paste. Apply on scalp and hair while warm, massage and rinse after few minutes.

       Moroccan Clay Natural Hair Purifier

Try it, your hair and the environment will thank you, and you will find it saves you money over time to buy yourself a treat or come back for more from our Hair Collection 


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